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84 Multi-fandom Icons

Posting a smattering of 84 multi-fandom icons, many made for iconflashes</lj>.

8 Avengers, 5 Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 1 Captain America, 1 Chronicles of Narnia, 2 Community, 2 Dollhouse, 5 Fringe, 1 Game of Thrones, 1 Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, 4 Glee, 2 The Good Wife, 2 Harry Potter, 1 Hunger Games, 1 Justified, 4 Lost, 1 Metal Gear Solid, 1 Revenge, 1 Skins, 6 Snow White & The Huntsman, 4 Tangled, 1 Teen Wolf, 1 Torchwood, 3 Toy Story, 11 True Blood, 11 The Vampire Diaries, 1 Veronica Mars, 1 The Walking Dead 


avengers, buffy the vampire slayer 
buffy the vampire slayer, captain america, chronicles of narnia 
community, dollhouse, fringe 
fringe, game of thrones 
girl with the dragon tattoo, glee
the good wife, harry potter, hunger games 
justified, lost
metal gear solid, revenge, skins, snow white & the huntsman 
snow white & the huntsman, supernatural 
supernatural, tangled 
teen wolf, torchwood, toy story 
true blood 
true blood 
true blood, the vampire diaries 
the vampire diaries
the vampire diaries 

Comments are lovely, credit is nice. 

And two pimps: 

iconflashes: a new challenge every day
turbo_lims : signups are open now!

Tags: film : avengers, film: harry potter, film: snow white & the huntsman, film: tangled, film: toy story, maker: outoftime, movie: avengers, tv: buffy the vampire slayer, tv: community, tv: dollhouse, tv: fringe, tv: glee, tv: lost, tv: supernatural, tv: the good wife, tv: the vampire diaries, tv: true blood, video game : metal gear solid
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