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Why Laura Roslin Pwns The Universe - Part The First.

dedicated to all the laura fangirls in the universe.

spoilers for Battlestar Galactica episode 01x08 - "Flesh and Bone"

Roslin: What the hell is going o­n here? what exactly is it that you are doing here?
Starbuck: It's a machine, sir. There's no limit to the tactics I can use.
Roslin: And where's the warhead?
Starbuck: I don't know.
Roslin: You don't know. You've spent the last eight hours torturing this man... this machine, whatever it is. And you don't have a single piece of information to show for it.
Starbuck: He thinks he can see the future. Says he knows our destiny, our fate. He says we're gonna find Kobol and that it's gonna lead us to Earth.
Roslin: Clean him up, there's not much time.
Starbuck: Yes, sir.

Roslin: Do you know who I am?
Leoben: Yes.
Roslin: I apologize for what you've been through. Take his restraints off. Do it.
Leoben: Thank you.
Roslin: I can do more. I can guarantee your safety, I can order your release. We are running out of time, we have o­nly four minutes left until your bomb goes off. I've come here to tell you that this conflict between our peoples does not have to continue. It can stop right here with us. We have to trust each other. Trust me. I think you know you can. Tell me what I need to know and you will live.
Leoben: The warhead doesn't exist. I made it up. The Lt. Was right, I was too far out. I didn't wanna die, so when I got caught I made up a story to buy some time.
Roslin: I see. Thank you for the truth.
Leoben: Thank you, Madam President. Don't be too hard o­n Kara, she was just doing her job, the military... they teach you to dehumanize people.
Roslin: I'll take that into consideration. No ! Stand down !

Leoben: Laura, I have something to tell you. Adama is a Cylon.
Starbuck: Are you all right?
Roslin: I'm fine. The bomb?
Starbuck: Nothing.

Roslin: Put him out the airlock.
Starbuck: What? You can't do that, not after he told you the truth.
Roslin: Yes, I can. And I will. Lieutenant, look at me. You've lost perspective. During the time I've allowed him to remain alive and captive o­n this ship, he has caused our entire fleet to spread out, defenseless. He puts insidious ideas in our minds, more lethal than any warhead. He creates fear. But you're right, he is a machine and you don't keep a deadly machine around when it kills your people and threatens your future, you get rid of it.

Starbuck: He's not afraid to die. He's just afraid that his soul won't make it to god.

Moral of the story? Do. NOT. Frak. With. Laura. Teacher will figure out when you are bullshitting and she will find the necessary punishment for you. And while you're thinking it'll be fun, just remember this. Even Leoben was afraid his soul wouldn't make it to God. That's not because of the lack of a resurrection ship nearby. That's because Laura wanted him dead. True story.

- Caps from Leave Me The White.
- Please do not take any of these caps and use them in your graphics. They seriously took a very long time. A very, very long time.
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- Made for picspammy's Ninth Challenge - "Scenes".
Tags: goodie: picspam, maker: xmaidelx, tv: battlestar galactica
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