November 3rd, 2009

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a rabbit with a pocket watch - an alice in wonderland picspam

So here's the deal. picspammy is having a challenge where you picspam something that you recently got into and have never picspammed before. Myself, I had seen the trailer for Alice in Wonderland, but never really felt more than just "meh" over it. Then something - dare I say it? - magical happened. I rewatched and found myself in love with it. Like seriously counting down the days until it shows up in a theatre near me, because it looks like it'll be awesome!

So yeah, without further embellishment, I present Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland - A Picspam!
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- For picspammy's Picspam Challenge. :D
- I colored the caps myself, so if you want an icon out of a cap (or anything else), let me know, and I'll gladly make it for you.
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