October 5th, 2009

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Mini-Picspam from Merlin.

Mini-Picspam from Merlin's The Labyrinth of Gedref. Seriously guys, this show is soooooooo pretty. Also, I'm a nerd. You know, "in other news". It's gorgeous, it's glorious and I must icon it. But in the mean time...

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115 Multi-Fandom Icons. :D

Hello everyone. So it's been a fun couple of days. What with the icon making and all of that. And last time I posted was a month ago. To the day! GO ME. Well, not really, because I should be releasing these more often. Or something. Anywho, I didn't do the hover feature, but I think y'all can count from one through five, so you should be ok. :)

[020] - Angel The Series
[021] - Battlestar Galactica
[002] - Doctor Who
[001] - Dollhouse
[025] - Glee
[011] - Gossip Girl
[006] - How I Met Your Mother
[020] - Supernatural
[009] - The X-Files


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