September 5th, 2009

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150 Multi-Fandom Icons. :D

Ok. So it's been long. But still icons. A lot of these were made for comps, but about... 60 of them or so, weren't. Well, they were made for a challenge, but they're making their debut here. I signed up at iepisode for both seasons of Gossip Girl. And I believe rules state I need to release at least six episodes at a time with a minimum of 3 per episode. I heart this show. A lot. So, I made a lot of icons. These are some of those. From the first six episodes. So first, you can cut to icons made for challenge communities, and then, you can cut to icons made for iepisode.

OH! And in case you get confused, hovering over the icon should give you the icon number. For easier snagging! :D

[003] - Angel The Series
[038] - Battlestar Galactica
[021] - Dollhouse
[001] - Firefly
[070] - Gossip Girl
[011] - How I Met Your Mother
[002] - Supernatural
[001] - Twilight
[008] - The X-Files


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