March 19th, 2009

(doctor who) rory and amy

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First of all, thankyou to cheekanzoop and xmaidelx for inviting me, I'm so happy :P

Second of all, here are some examples of my icons:

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you can check more out over at my journal, under the tag 'icon', but they'll all be here from now on... how exciting!
Thirdly, a little about me: I'm Jessie, and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like to photoshop, ride my bike and fangirl. I'm doing science at the university of melbourne, so icon-ing is my creative outlet. My fandoms include: bsg, firefly, dollhouse, doctor who, merlin and spooks. As I watch and like shows, they get added to my interests, as well as my favourite characters and ships. Check it out if you like :P

I make icons, some wallpapers and I'm super happy to do tutorials if asked :D

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