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but yes!

Icon Concrit Meme

Because we can all improve. True story.

1. Reply to this thread with your username and the journal you post your icons at. If personal, be nice and share your icon tag. You may also include 5 - 10 examples of your icons so those not familiar with it may comment as well.*

2. Pimp this as if you had a hat not unlike this one.

3. Reply to different comment threads. When doing so, please remember that this an Icon CONCRIT Meme. As in Constructive Criticism. For those unfamiliar with the concept, I'd advise you to do a little research on the phenomenon.

4. It's not anonymous. If it's not something you can say to someone's face (as in actually constructive), consider revising your statement so it actually is.

5. HAVE FUN!!! & you know... improve

* For us mere mortals, please don't include icons that are over a year old. We know you're a rockstar when your best work has been around for many moons, in fact, we probably worship at the temple of your genius. However, we'd like to concrit what's going on recently. Because we can't change the past. No. We're not using any time travel methods used in recent media. Think of the children. Or Star Wars.
Tags: meme: icon - concrit

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